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1Y0-309 Citrix Gateway Enterprise Edition Practice Exam

1Y0-309 Citrix Gateway Enterprise Edition Practice Exam

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Published 3/2020


Sample Questions

Q) When accessing an intranet site through Access Gateway 8.0 Enterprise Edition, which mechanism will load with a list of pre-configured resource IP addresses and port numbers?

a) JavaScript

b) Java Client

c) ActiveX Plug-in

d) Presentation Server Client

Q) Scenario: A Network Administrator needs to configure access to published resources in a farm for Presentation Server, through Access Gateway. The administrator has been instructed to implement Access Gateway as a replacement for the current Secure Gateway deployment without SmartAccess. Which three settings does the administrator need to implement to meet these requirements? (Choose three.)

a) Set NT Domain

b) Set ICA Proxy to ON

c) Configure the Secure Ticket Authority server

d) Set the Access Gateway home page to the Web Interface URL

Q) Which option in the Configuration Utility allows an administrator to limit the number of users who can log in to an Access Gateway 8.0 Enterprise Edition environment?

a) Select SSL VPN > Virtual Servers, Maximum Users

b) Select Systems > Virtual Servers > Policies, Maximum Users

c) Select SSL VPN > Global > Authentication settings, Maximum number of users

d) Select Systems > Connections > Authentication settings, Maximum number of users

Q) Which policy must an administrator configure to ensure that every user device has personal firewall software installed and running before they connect to the network?

a) Traffic

b) Session

c) Authorization

d) Authentication

Q) Scenario: A company currently has Secure Gateway in its environment. The company has been undergoing major expansions, and the number of employees has grown by 60% over the past three years. Recently, the company acquired a new company and is planning on integrating that company into its environment. Because of the growing number of employees, more servers and rack space are being consumed to support the growing user traffic. Which Access Gateway 8.0 Enterprise Edition deployment type would meet the needs of this environment?

a) Access Gateway in VPN mode

b) Access Gateway in Web Interface mode

c) Access Gateway in Secure Gateway mode

d) Access Gateway in Presentation Server mode

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