Book Review: Net Entrepreneurs Only

Everybody loves to peruse different people groups examples of overcoming adversity. It furnishes us with proof that astounding things do happen to typical individuals. By realizing what they did to succeed we come one bit nearer to progress ourselves. Such is the situation with the ten stories told in Net Entrepreneurs Only – 10 Entrepreneurs Tell the Stories of their Success by Gregory K. Ericksen and Ernst and Young.

Ericksen talked with ten of the best business people when the new century rolled over and gives their accounts a one of a kind yet successful utilization of extensive statements from the business people. The statements leave you with a sensation of having really met the business visionary yourself as opposed to perusing an anecdote about them. Every story is around 20 pages in length yet peruses more like 10 pages on account of the large print and free streaming movement.

The 10 business people chronicled in the book are Jay S. Walker (, Mike McNulty and Mike Hagan (VerticalNet), Christina Jones (recorder), William Porter and Christos Cotsakos (E*Trade), Gregory K. Jones (uBid), Russell Horowitz (Go2Net), Ken Pasternak (Knight/Trimark), William Schrader (PSINet), Pierre Omidyar (eBay), and Mark Cuban and Todd Wagner (

Every business visionary has a special story of how and why they considered them to be as a reasonable spot to begin a business, and each had an alternate method of arriving, yet in the wake of perusing every one of the ten stories you can see some repeating themes between these very effective net business visionaries. Despite the fact that this book was composed when web business achievement was generously simpler (the book was distributed in 2000), a considerable lot of the center skills that these business visionaries have can be applied at any time to any industry.

Each is amazingly energetic about what they never really point that they motivate others around them to have a similar enthusiasm. Each isn’t hesitant to face a challenge, whether or not or not others can’t help contradicting it. Alongside that, each realizes that disappointment is inescapable when facing challenges and comprehends that future achievement relies upon the capacity to gain from disappointment and proceed onward.

Another intriguing thing that was referenced in three of the ten stories is the dread of being caught unaware by an adversary that they can’t see coming. They all discussion about the famous child in his storm cellar or carport that surfaces with the innovation that makes them bankrupt. When discussing Mark Cuban, Todd Wagner stated:

“I realize Mark stresses, in addition to other things, about the famous 12-year-old in the carport [coming up with innovative breakthroughs] and us being bushwhacked.”

This shared trait is especially intriguing, and I presume it comes from the way that a considerable lot of these business visionaries WERE THAT KID and they dread the second happening to themselves more than all else. They likely dread that this “kid” will have the very energy and assurance that they once had, and that, more than all else alarms them.

In the event that I had perused this book when it was composed, I would unquestionably have prescribed it to any youthful business visionary. Be that as it may, a long time later I suggest it EVEN MORE. I feel that it’s an unquestionable requirement read for anybody hoping to start a new business or as of now in business.

What you can do since you were unable to do when the book was composed is to discover what’s befallen these business people and their organizations in the time that has passed since the book’s distribution. One of the greatest delights of perusing this book was attempting to figure whether these organizations actually existed and whether a similar business visionary was all the while running them.

Realizing that there were the website blast and resulting crash around that time, I figured there was not exactly a 50/50 possibility that these organizations were still near. I’m not going to demolish the individual astonishments, yet there was a genuinely huge swath of bearings that these organizations and business visionaries pursued the website crash.

A portion of the business people we’ve all known about (Mark Cuban), and a portion of the organizations we know actually exist and are exceptionally effective (eBay), however numerous the normal peruser won’t be comfortable with. Doing the exploration to discover where they are today adds an additional measurement to the book that a peruser wouldn’t have encountered on the off chance that they read it when it came out.

Net Entrepreneurs Only – 10 Entrepreneurs Tell the Stories of their Success by Gregory K. Ericksen and Ernst and Young is very fascinating for any individual who appreciates a decent example of overcoming adversity. Nonetheless, it’s genuinely rousing on the off chance that you are that business visionary who endeavors to concoct the following improving advancement that makes one of these ten business visionaries bankrupt.

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