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Procurement Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Purchase To Pay

Procurement Masterclass: A Complete Guide to Purchase To Pay

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Gain expert-level knowledge of world-class operational procurement with this comprehensive overview.
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Created by Peter Alkema
Last updated 12/2020


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Great course introducing the fundamentals of Procurement through to payments” – Yash

“Quick and easy to understand, course instructor knowledgeable about content.” – Vernicia

“The author of the course has a good practical experience that is well used during the course sections” – Mira

Learn how companies manage the crucial purchase to pay process in their operations and why it is so important for global supply chains. Take your procurement knowledge to the next level by understanding all the key concepts of operational procurement and how they can be improved to manage spend and compliance. An introductory whiteboard lesson explains all the key concepts you need to know about purchase-to-pay in one place. There is a handy workbook that you can use to capture all the learnings and apply what you have learnt so that you can take your performance to the next level. There’s also an overview lesson which I teach from a whiteboard so you have the all the key concepts explained in one place before you go into the detailed lessons.

This course covers:

  • How purchasing spend is either channel or supplier compliant
  • Catalogues, how they are managed and why they are an important part of e-procurement
  • Supplier portals, electronic purchase orders and invoice verification
  • What UNSPSC means and why it is a common system of product classification
  • How mature purchasing activity usually shows an increase in the number of purchase orders
  • What a limit order is and how it is used for commodities which cannot be catalogued
  • Training procurement users using either project based or business as usual methods
  • Why its important to link procurement system access to user training certification
  • The importance of the purchase order number and why the supplier must quote it on their invoices
  • Purchase order header and line item information
  • Three way matching and two way matching and how document cross checking controls purchasing
  • Centralised buying can be more efficient, especially when employees are too busy to use purchasing systems
  • Good practice requires the efficient tracking and management of goods distribution from supplier to customer
  • How a central payments department receives invoices and makes payments using automated invoice scanning

This is one of the most comprehensive overviews of the full purchase to pay value chain. Take advantage of having all these concepts clearly explained for you to gain the insights you need to gain procurement mastery.

Who this course is for:

  • Anyone with an interest in supply chain or procurement and purchasing
  • Employees that are involved in purchasing who want to manage their company’s money better
  • People who work in suppliers of purchasing organizations
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